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We meet again today for a new episode ofAdopt A Crypto Project, dedicated to a most innovative project that wants to change our daily habits forever: Uniris (UCO) !

As you will have noticed, our society is going digital very quickly, and it is becoming more and more necessary to authenticate to carry out any action. This therefore asks us for identifiers, most often represented by a username and a password. However, it becomes more and more difficult to remember everything. And while many alternative solutions develop (fingerprints, facial recognition, etc.), Uniris presents itself as the final solution to all these problems!

Strong promises

In a world where technology is becoming more and more omnipresent, Uniris (UCO) has raised the question of respecting personal data and the management of these.

Indeed, even if consciousnesses are starting to awaken on the subject, we have so far given free rein to a little everything and anything on this side.

States are starting to react on this subject, for example with projects like GDPR. However, it does not go far enough, and Uniris has looked into the matter.

The goal? Reconcile three issues specific to our time:

  • Continue to digitize, to connect the world, and to have multiple accounts with multiple objects (IoT);
  • Manage all these accounts, secure them, and remember them;
  • Respect at the same time our privacy, by controlling the information that is provided or not to these applications.

And in this area, Uniris’ promises are strong. Indeed, Uniris wants to be a gateway to absolutely all existing technologies in our world. Do you need to authenticate? So we go through Uniris and a simple touch of a finger, and it’s done!

No more passwords, no more keys, no more bank chips or whatever. Uniris replaces all that with its authentication technology that reads the inside of your fingers.

Operation and use cases

With no less than 4 years of research and 12 international patents filed, Uniris is a must for years to come. The project mixes the best of technology with the best of the decentralized world, in order to offer an application dedicated to a future that is fast approaching.

Uniris stands out on 6 key points.

Ergonomics. The platform is able to replace any authentication application, regardless of its form.

Scalability. With its blockchain and the new ARCHE validation consensus, Uniris can offer more than 1 million transactions per second.

Instantaneity. It takes less than 5 seconds to validate a transaction and ensure its immutability.

Security. The system guarantees its reliability even with 90% of malicious actors.

Durability. Uniris responds to societal energy consumption issues with a blockchain 3.6 billion times less energy intensive than Bitcoin (BTC).

Fresh. A transaction costs an average of 0.1% fees, which is really minimal and allows the UCO token to be competitive.

A more than qualified team

You know, a project is nothing without a team. And it is important to check that the latter is competent to carry out the assumed ambitions.

In the case of Uniris, you don’t have to worry, the team is more than qualified.

The members of the project all have a richer CV than the next, notably with previous experiences such as Thales, Mastercard, Barclays, Orange, Mozilla, Google, Polytechnique, CNRS, and so on. We are therefore dealing with experienced and competent people in their respective fields.

And if that were not enough, Uniris is incubated within the accelerator of the École Polytechnique X-UP, but also followed by Station F, GICAT, HEC Challenge +, and other investors.

UCO, a token programmed to grow

Strong monetary policy

In order to make the project work and reward the miners who come to secure the data, a token has been created: the Uniris Coin or UCO.

The tokeneconomic has been particularly thought out in order to offer a cryptocurrency programmed to grow over the long term.

This results in particular in a deflationary token over the long term. But also to control the supply.

Thus, the supply of UCO will be released as the project progresses according to various milestones. Interestingly, these milestones are not set according to a time frame, but according to the release of new features. The aim is to constantly match supply and demand.

A market with unlimited potential

Let’s not be afraid of words, Uniris wants to conquer the world with its solution. And the observation is simple. By offering a solution that natively manages many everyday use cases (authentication, payment, identity management, storage, etc.) and more efficiently than with our traditional tools, then people will naturally adopt Uniris.

The goal goes even further than what is conceivable today. Indeed, the Uniris team is convinced that this revolution in trust will allow the development of new services that have yet to be imagined.

Partner of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris

2024 will be a more than important year for the project. Indeed, Uniris has forged a partnership with the city of Paris to potentially manage and secure access to the 2024 Olympic Games. Just that!

As you can imagine, this partnership is extremely important for the growth of Uniris and will be an opportunity to prove to the whole world the power of their solution, while all the cameras will be on the capital of France and on the Olympic village.

Other partnerships

But Uniris has also surrounded itself with other equally important partners:

  • French Tech
  • Station F
  • HEC Paris
  • BPI France
  • Paris-Saclay Polytechnic School

The goal behind these partnerships is simple. Be as close as possible to new cutting-edge technologies and innovation, and be able to integrate them as quickly as possible into Uniris.

  • For an unlimited potential market with a revolutionary application;
  • For strong ambitions with an overqualified team;
  • The UCO token which has been thought out intelligently and with significant growth prospects.

To conclude this forum, I will simply underline one point: you cannot say “I was not told about it”. It is now done. And Uniris is likely to be talked about a lot in the weeks and months to come! This project has great ambitions, but also great resources, with a team and partners who have already been crowned with success in the past. In addition, the partnership with the city of Paris and the Olympic Committee for 2024 will strengthen their chances of success. If the project interests you, know that they have a newsletter, written in French, to add nothing to happiness! A great way not to lose sight of a nugget in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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