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What if the best exposure that Bitcoin (BTC) can get came from those who boycotted it again yesterday? Bitcoin is now found in the pages of the largest American magazines. Newsweek has just devoted a detailed article to the journey of BTC. The positive image it gives to the latter is linked to the current bullish rally. Newsweek presents Bitcoin as the future standard of excellence for the coming years.


Bitcoin shines in the media

Newsweek at presented the genesis of Bitcoin, to introduce beginners.

The article then focuses on the spectacular development of BTC since its inception, indicating that the public’s perception of it has changed a lot over time.

The magazine then dwelled on the latest model from JPMorgan Chase, which shows a potential price of $ 146,000 for BTC.

The journalist Scott reeves moreover allowed himself to compare Bitcoin so, or even something bigger.

For Reeves, ” All that glitters isn’t gold, but maybe it is Bitcoin. And in the long run, it might be worth more “.

Newsweek has tens of millions of readers, the majority of which would never have been exposed to Bitcoin.


The Financial Times also put BTC in the spotlight. Bitcoin shines even outside the markets.

Towards widespread adoption of Bitcoin

According to Peter McCormack, many independent investors buy Bitcoin with long positions of at least 5 years.

The commercial director of BitPay, Sonny singh confirmed this theory by adding that institutions would be tempted to receive their first profits with the current soaring price of BTC.

Research trends on Google suggest a FOMO growing at the start of 2021.

This FOMO could be interpreted as an indicator of a potential rise in the price of BTC in the short term.


This increased attention to BTC does not reveal whether bitcoiners – new or potential – are interested in how BTC works or just the possibility of profitable speculation during this bull cycle. The media are saying good things about a bullish BTC staying above $ 30,000 today, they won’t hesitate to radically change their position if BTC undergoes a major correction down to $ 20,000 or less tomorrow. .

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