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The most successful of the Argentinian champions, River Plate, joins the world fantasy football game Sorare today. It will allow River Plate card collectors and fantasy football players to buy, sell and play freely with digital cards just like the players on the team.

Ever greater growth

Since the opening of its beta in December 2019, Sorare has experienced an average growth of 32% per month in Spain, and today has more than 70,000 users worldwide, with $ 9 million worth of cards sold in 100 countries.

Nicolas Julia, CEO of Sorare, comments: “Millennials are increasingly turning away from longer sports broadcasting formats that do not engage them. In an economy where public attention is the most important monetary unit, games are becoming a new way for football brands to reach this very specific yet desirable demographic.“.

Juan Cascio, Business Development Manager at River Plate, explains: “Our decision was largely driven by our enthusiasm for their ambitious vision to create a global fantasy football game with digital cards. At the forefront of innovation, we are always looking to the future, to the future, to offer our fans new experiences. In order to constantly improve them and better cover the River Plate brand, Sorare will allow us to reach new young communities, especially in Asia and America. We are proud of this new collaboration“.

River plate can further expand its international brand by reaching several untapped fan audiences: gamers around the world as well as fans in Asia and Europe where fantasy games are experiencing strong growth. Sorare is also effectively opening up a new source of income for River plate.


A welcome diversification for clubs

Nicolas Julia adds: “Sorare offers a new opportunity for football teams to build engagement and excitement on match day, especially as the stadiums are currently empty. It also offers football clubs a way to diversify their sources of income ”.

While football collectors have been able to collect and trade player cards for decades, it was limited to the physical world. Sorare is a global fantasy game that brings people together, especially in times of isolation, thanks to their sports fanaticism. Players buy digital cards from players for the same reasons they buy cards offline: status, differentiation, identity, and membership.

Cards are a factor of nostalgia. It is also the most direct way to invest in a sports player. The Mbappé Unique card sold for $ 65,000. Ethereum (ETH) is used to establish who owns the digital card at any given time and secures the digital scarcity of the cards. It creates a new level of confidence and freedom for the players.

More than 110 football clubs from Europe, America and Asia have partnered with Sorare to issue officially licensed cards for football fans to collect and play with their favorite players. If you too want to participate in this adventure, and collect your favorite players, it’s on Sorare that it happens!



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