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Premiums electrify auto sales

On the eve of the Autofestival, dealers can only note the boom in sales of hybrid and electric models. An attraction carried by the (generous) aid “Clever fueren”.



On the eve of the Autofestival, dealers can only note the boom in sales of hybrid and electric models. An attraction carried by the (generous) aid “Clever fueren”.

What if the Clever Fueren premium rate, boosted since last summer, persists beyond March 31, 2021? Car dealerships dream of it as government aid has, according to her, been the sales of hybrid or electric cars. If, in 2020, the total Luxembourg market has decreased by 17.9% in comparison, the share of these models abandoning fossil fuels for watts has increased incredibly.

Two weeks before the start of the automotive highlight, the dealerships have only one formula in their mouths: “health security”. Without this, the covid will quickly shower the ardor of possible buyers.

On the eve of the Autofestival, the dealerships are therefore relying heavily on this type of vehicle to start the year in style. “We must be aware that today, 20% of the fleet put into service last year in the country has become electric or hybrid, ”notes Philippe Mersch at the head of the Federation of automotive distributors. And the phenomenon is accelerating from month to month. There are two explanations for this. First, the more environmental concerns of buyers. Second, the “formidable selling point” represented by state aid does not hide the professionals of the sector.

It is true that the progress figures are impressive. While the share of diesel models has been falling steadily in purchases for ten years (37% last year compared to 76% in 2010), garages in Luxembourg are signing more and more delivery contracts for rechargeable cars while driving. or by connection. “We are talking about + 69% from one year to the next for non-rechargeable hybrid versions,” underlines Philippe Mersch. Or 2,245 units in 2019 for 3,797 registrations last year.

Plug-in hybrids have “almost tripled in volume”: 2,685 registrations in 2020 for 913 a year earlier. For full-electric models, the numbers have tripled. From 986 vehicles in 2019 to 2,473 vehicles in 2020. In short, on 45,189 new cars registered last year 8,955 were running on a share of electricity.

And more than the talent of the sellers or the green fiber of the buyers, it is the bonuses that have boosted the diffusion of these models. Since their launch in mid-2019, Clever Fueren aid for the purchase of a vehicle with zero or low polluting emissions has thus been requested from nearly 2,000 times. And just for the last twelve months no less than 1,637 files arrived on the office of the Environment Administration responsible for processing applications.

AUTOFESTIVAL 2019: Porsche, Foto: Lex Kleren / Luxemburger Wort

Like all businesses, car dealerships will be able to restart their activity on January 11. Something to reassure the organizers of the Autofestival, which almost stalled at the start of 2021.

It is true that the windfall is more than tempting. The bonus, valid until March, has seen its amount doubled in support of concessions (penalized by the lockdown first and then health measures) for vehicles purchased since May. Hence the rebound in the right to draw these premiums at two levels.

It is indeed a question of an envelope of 8,000 euros proposed for the acquisition of a car or a 100% electric van; € 2,500 in the case of a plug-in hybrid vehicle (emitting less than 50 g of CO2 / km). A significant boost, and easily accessible after completing an online application.

For the time being, on the part of the Luxembourg government, no announcement has come to inform individuals and professionals on the aid rates that will be granted from April 1, 2021. “All the more reason to take advantage of it from January 25 to February 8 during the Autofestival (editor’s note: excluding Sundays) ”, incites Philippe Mersch who however pleads for the extension of the current subsidies. There are rumors circulating in this direction, but with a significant revision, however. The financial incentive would be progressive depending on the social level of the buyer. To have.


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