Nel ASA share: Despite a major order – the concern about profit-taking remains after the hype

Despite a price gain in today’s trading, the technical position of the Nel ASA share is still characterized by the dangers of possible significant profit-taking. In the last few days, after the previous bull market to 35.15 Norwegian kroner (NOK), the Oslo stock exchange has seen a consolidating sideways movement. The upper limit is at 34.48 / 35.15 NOK and the lower at 31.60 / 32.14 NOK. Nel ASA’s share price in the middle of this zone is currently EUR 33.70, which is 1.26 percent higher than yesterday’s closing price on the Norwegian stock market.

After an order from Iberdrola for the Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser division was announced yesterday, news about the company is in short supply this morning. The order has a volume of 13.5 million euros. “We are excited to enter into an agreement with Iberdrola for a PEM electrolyser solution for this groundbreaking green manure project. It’s real evidence of our PEM platform that has been used around the world for several decades, ”says Filip Smeets, SVP at Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser. It had been known since November 2020 that Nel had been selected for Iberdrola as the preferred supplier for the 20 MW PEM solution for a green manure project in Spain. Delivery is scheduled for 2021.


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