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# 1 Too many participants

In Zoom’s gallery view, up to 49 participants can be shown simultaneously on one screen. Only: who else recognizes whom? A rule of thumb can be as follows: At most, as many colleagues are invited that they can all be clearly seen on a 15-inch laptop on one side. Ideally, you should always be able to keep an eye on all participants in the video call, just like in a normal meeting.

# 2 Record a video conference

Programs like Skype make it easy to record a video conference. This may be useful for companies that might save themselves the minutes of the meeting. Aside from concerns about data protection law, recording can quickly lead employees to censor their statements.

# 3 Don’t mute participants

Conversely, there can be too little control in the meeting. If the host fails to mute the participants, the video conference quickly ends in audio chaos, especially in larger groups. Background noises raise the noise level unnecessarily for everyone. It becomes finally stressful when participants don’t use headphones and there is feedback.

# 4 Too long video conference

It is simply human that the attention span in a video conference is significantly lower than in a classic meeting. Concentration wasn’t in good shape by then. Superiors are doing everyone a favor by keeping the call as short as possible. The following principle applies here in particular: what can be communicated in an e-mail has no place in a conference.

# 5 No room for requests to speak

However, online meetings can get too straight to the point. The core of a good meeting is to initiate an exchange of views. This is especially true for topics that are not on the agenda. In addition, there are far fewer spontaneous opportunities in the home office to present an idea to the boss. Good video meetings should therefore regularly provide a forum for other concerns and perspectives.

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