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HeidelbergCement: Potential through US infrastructure?

With a democratic majority in the US Senate, the gigantic infrastructure projects will come back on the agenda for the next four years. The HeidelbergCement share (DE0006047004) should also benefit from this: the SG analysts assume that the increase in infrastructure expansion can be converted directly into higher earnings per share. They raised their 12-month price target from EUR 59 to EUR 75 at the beginning of January. Anyone who would like to benefit from a sideways movement at the current rate of EUR 68 should position themselves with suitable certificates in accordance with their risk tolerance and income expectations.

HeidelbergCement in March for over 64 euros

The SG discount certificate with ISIN DE000SD1BT06 offers a buffer of almost 9 percent on the current share price at a price of 61.90 euros and a return of 2.10 euros or 16.9 percent pa, provided that the share price on the valuation date, closes on 19.3.21, on or above the cap of 64 euros. Otherwise, investors receive delivery of a share.

HeidelbergCement always over 54 euros until June

More buffer with a barrier: With the BNP Capped Bonus Certificate (ISIN DE000PF5JAG2), the gap to the barrier is a good 20 percent at 54 euros. At a price of EUR 64.96, the certificate brings EUR 5.04 or 17.3 percent pa (bonus level and cap EUR 70) if the share never touches or falls below the barrier by the valuation date on June 18, 21, otherwise investors receive a cash settlement. Attractive pricing: With a discount, the product is 4.4 percent cheaper than the share.

HeidelbergCement in December for over 60 euros

The HVB reverse convertible bond with ISIN DE000HX7JRL0 pays the fixed coupon of 5.5 percent pa regardless of the share price at the end of the term (27.12.21). if the share closes at the base price of at least EUR 60 (buffer: 11.6 percent) on the valuation day December 17th, 21st. At prices below this, investors receive 16 shares according to the subscription ratio (= 1,000 euros / 60 euros; fractions in cash).

Certificate Report conclusion: Anyone who expects the HeidelbergCement share to move sideways for at least three to twelve months and would like to hedge against moderate price declines can currently implement their market assessment with certificates at attractive conditions.

This article does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell HeidelbergCement shares or investment products based on HeidelbergCement shares. No liability is assumed for the correctness of the data.

Author: Thorsten Welgen


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