Consumers want more transparency in sustainability

The growing need emphasizes that these companies must also pay attention to sustainability in the current crisis. Consumers are increasingly making conscious choices when it comes to (online) fashion purchases. They indicate that they have taken steps in the past six months to ensure that their purchases are as environmentally conscious as possible. Research among consumers about their online fashion purchases shows that:

• 25% of fashion consumers have conducted online research into the degree of sustainability of a brand.

• 35% stated that they would not make an online purchase if they discovered that the packaging was not environmentally friendly.

• 23% of those surveyed made repeat purchases based on the sustainability credentials.

What, according to the research, is still lacking to be able to choose more sustainably is accessible information

Unfortunately, making sustainable choices is not that easy for consumers. What, according to research, is still lacking to be able to choose more sustainably is accessible information (34%), a lack of sustainable options (32%) and the costs (30%). Something that the sector has to answer. At the end of 2020, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) published the draft Sustainability Claims Guide, which contains a number of rules of thumb for companies. Based on the ACM guideline, GS1 Netherlands, Modint and retail service organization Euretco have examined whether sustainability information can be of added value for the consumer. Based on this, a set of sustainability characteristics has now been included in GS1 Fashion Base.

Edwin Belt of INretail – also closely involved in the GS1 Fashion Base initiative – explains: ‘GS1 Fashion Base already offers convenience and profit for the retailer. Current and standardized product data available immediately and easily supplemented with categories and photos. Retailers can now also have direct access to the sustainable background of the article and / or the brand. ‘


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