Economy & Politics – who is the German player among the crypto exchanges?

Bitcoin has recently regained popularity, and the German Bitcoin Group is benefiting from thisimago / Alexander Limbach

The value of Bitcoin, according to an unwritten crypto rule, correlates with the Google search volume for the term Bitcoin. If you put the charts on top of one another, you can see that there is something to it.

A website has been at the top of the search results in Germany for several years: the crypto exchange According to current headlines and the Wikipedia entry about the oldest cryptocurrency, the website is the first point of contact with the world of coins for many interested parties. is backed by the listed Bitcoin Group SE from Herford in East Westphalia. And that shows another correlation: Your share price moves almost parallel to the performance of Bitcoin. Reason enough to take a closer look: Is the Bitcoin Group just a kind of Bitcoin certificate? Or what can the company really do?

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