BioNTech and Pfizer: Difficulties in delivering the COVID-19 vaccine looming

BioNTech’s partner Pfizer has apparently admitted that there will be bottlenecks in deliveries of the COVID-19 vaccine in the next few days. The difficulties are due to the expansion of production capacities. For this purpose, capacities must apparently first be reduced temporarily in order to be able to carry out the expansion. Deliveries to all of Europe in late January and early February are said to be affected by this, as reported by the Norwegian Health Authority.

It is unclear whether production figures for other areas such as the USA will also be affected. Pfizer expects to be able to deliver more vaccine in late February or early March.

BioNTech recently announced at a conference in the USA that it wanted to increase the production volume of 1.3 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine planned so far for 2021 to 2 billion due to the high demand – we reported.

BioNTech shares are coming under pressure on NASDAQ today. The share price has currently passed the $ 100 mark again and is around 5 percent in the red on the previous day. The previous daily low is quoted at 97.25 dollars.

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