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Although according to Cortina most bicycle brands ‘just’ photograph their collection on the street, they take a different approach. Anne-Tjitske Mulder, Brand Marketing team lead for Cortina: ‘In the new photography, for the first time, use is made of set-up sets in existing locations, such as a residential area or parking deck. These decorated, colorful settings ensure that the Cortina bicycle collection of 2021 is portrayed in a surprising way. This brand campaign was developed in collaboration with communication agency Stunned, with which Cortina has been working for 10 years. ‘

Connecting with the experience world

Cortina’s identity is the starting point for the new brand campaign that is fully in line with Cortina’s target groups. ‘The fashionable and colorful character of our collection sets us apart from our competitors. It is important that we also show this to the consumer. With this new, striking style, we connect well with the experience of our main target groups. Young consumers dare to stand out, and Cortina too, ‘says Mulder.

Instagram filter

To bring the new campaign style to the attention of consumers, Cortina kicks off with a giveaway on their Instagram channel. When consumers post a selfie using the Cortina Instagram filter, they have a chance to win a Cortina e-bike of their choice.

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