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Some masterpieces remain for years forgotten in an attic. Some Bitcoins (BTC) remain for years stored in an old computer. This editor would have found the private keys giving him access to 127 BTC in his old PC.


A 7-figure accident

Student claims to have accidentally found private keys generated in 2011, and unlocks more than $ 4 million in Bitcoin.

The editor BitcoinHolderThankU was able to cash in approximately $ 4.2 million in Bitcoin (BTC) after finding the lost keys of 127 BTC December 22, 2020.

The price of Bitcoin was then around 23,000 USD. The BitcoinHolderThankU indicates that he spent the following week seeking to safely liquidate such a large amount of Bitcoin at lower costs.

He ended up selling the 127 BTC over $ 33,439.02 with a transaction fee of 0.15%.

The net sale amount was approximately $ 4.24 million. He claims to have won Bitcoins in 2011 or 2012 through surveys, watching videos and doing random tasks.

He used them to buy online gambling cryptos DarkOrbit.

Become a millionaire with Bitcoin and Dell

Private keys have never really been lost. They have been forgotten on an old computer Dell.

According to BitcoinHolderThankU, he missed the opportunity to make a million dollars in extra profit, he just had to hang on for one more week.

The price of Bitcoin recently hit a new ATH by hitting $ 42,000 on some exchanges.


BitcoinHolderThankU would HODle his BTC for 8-9 years. He would not have plans to buy luxury cars in Las Vegas, but to invest a large part of the funds in the S&P 500.

Is the next Bitcoin a DeFi token – not easy to identify at the moment ? Who doesn’t dream of having a time machine to buy 1 BTC for less than 1 USD – even Peter Schiff secretly dreams of it. Who will be the best Bitcoin HODler, able to wait 1 Million BTC before selling? The temptation to buy a luxury villa with only 30 BTC, or a luxury car with less than 10 BTC, is great. Will institutional investors be longer term than retail investors? Faith in Bitcoin put to the test as bulls reach new ATHs.


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