Raab Karcher gets new owner

Raab Karcher gets a new owner: a financial investor takes over Germany’s largest building materials trading group.

Germany’s largest building materials trading group gets a new owner. The financial investor CVC takes over the Danish Stark Group, which operates in Germany under the brands Raab Karcher (building materials trade), Muffenrohr (civil engineering trade) and Keramundo (tiles).

The parties agreed to keep the purchase price confidential, announced Stark Germany on Friday. Stark has been owned by the US investor Lone Star since 2018, who then paid one billion euros to the British company Ferguson. A year later, Stark took over the German building materials trade of the French Saint-Gobain from Raab Karcher.

More than 5,000 employees in Germany

According to a “Bloomberg” report, Lone Star had actually planned an IPO in which Stark was to be valued at around 2.5 billion euros. CVC should now have offered more.

The Stark Group, based in Copenhagen, employs 10,000 people, more than half of them in Germany. In Germany alone, the company generates annual sales of around two billion euros.

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