Plug Power share: There is an acute risk of falling

With share prices between $ 64.13 and $ 73.90 on a single (!) Trading day, the Plug Power share showed with exorbitantly high sales yesterday that the state of a casino is more to be found here than a reasonably normal stock exchange trading. Even the steeply rising upper Bollinger Band, which is currently making it to $ 62.91 and is thus below yesterday’s low, is not keeping up with the price hype of the last few days. After a NASDAQ closing price on Wednesday at 69.50 dollars, the indications this morning are currently at 65.70 dollars and thus not far from yesterday’s daily low for the Plug Power share.

The $ 64.13 / $ 66.07 zone can be seen as the initial technical support for the fuel cell and hydrogen company’s share price. After the hype of the title from the corona crash low at $ 2.53 in March to yesterday’s top, there is now an acute risk of falling if there are sales signals. The Plug Power share was still available for $ 30.40 on January 5th, and since then a single “flagpole” has formed in the course of the price. We already pointed out the massive risks of such a formation yesterday. This is a dangerous situation, especially for newcomers who are hoping for a quick buck here!


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