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Bitcoin (BTC) is a scam. No, BTC will save its holders from dollar bankruptcy. It’s wrong ! The dollar will continue to dominate the monetary scene thanks to the strength of the United States. But no, the dollar will collapse, but the salvation does not lie in Bitcoin but in gold. The “fiat – BTC – gold” war is largely a war of communication. Everyone is using their talent as a speaker to try to convince their audience.


A shortage of dollars to save the greenback

On January 6, 2021, the presenter of Mad Money sure CNBC, Jim cramer, gave some advice on the investment strategy in Bitcoin and the right time to sell. It also explains the reason why Bitcoin is preferred to gold.

The 65-year-old former hedge fund manager is also the co-founder of, a financial information and education site.

During its broadcast, Jim cramer indicated that Americans no longer believe in fiats, nor in government bonds, nor in government in general.

According to him, Americans fear inflation. He said there is no shortage of dollars, unlike gold.

The United States print money but ” Bitcoin does not print Bitcoin “. Plus the price of Bitcoin the more it will attract new investors.


According to To screw up, the attraction of Bitcoin lies in its rarity. He indicated on Thestreet that he believes in Bitcoin and then. He pointed out that there may be a shortage of gold and not dollars.

The co-founder of considers these 2 assets as a hedge against inflation. He mentioned that he didn’t expect Bitcoin can bring him a lot of money.

A “sustainable” summit

Bitcoin peaked at $ 42,000 on some exchanges. The bulls have failed to move beyond this level where there appears to be strong selling pressure.

The BTC subsequently underwent a major correction that brought it down to the $ 30,000 level. However, the latter held out despite strong pressure from the bears.


The Biden administration will most likely abuse the printing press – the others did, why not her? If the difficulty of mining continues to increase as does the appetite of institutions for BTC, the scarcity of the latter on the markets will exceed that of gold. The orgy of dollars is not about to end.

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