Forbes Ranking These are the richest Turks

In early March 2020, the world lost 226 billionaires in twelve days. With these statistics, “Forbes” shows how strongly this year’s rich list has already been influenced by the Corona crisis. Of the remaining billionaires, 51 percent lost wealth compared to the previous year. The situation was very different among the ten richest Turks.

Richest Turks get richer

“Forbes” only posted a minus for two of them in its 2020 ranking. Three of the richest people in Turkey were able to hold their bank accounts, and five got even richer. The business magazine counted a total of 23 dollar billionaires in Turkey. That was a billionaire less than in Spain.

Their total assets were $ 38.9 billion. This means that the Turkish super-rich lagged behind their German counterparts ($ 4.2 billion) in terms of average per capita wealth ($ 1.7 billion).

These are the super rich in Turkey:


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