BioNTech share: The chances have not diminished

Yesterday’s range of fluctuation for BioNTech shares on NASDAQ was not exactly small, with prices between $ 101.01 and $ 107.68, but it was one of the rather quiet days for the biotech share. At the end of the day, the Mainz company’s share had lost 3.17 percent of its value to 105.45 dollars and yesterday was unable to confirm the previously achieved narrow increase of 107.21 / 108.33 dollars. From a technical chart point of view, there were also no major price setbacks for BioNTech’s share price, so that trading did not take place with any relevant new impulses.

This afternoon, the current indication for the BioNTech share in the US pre-exchange is at $ 103.20, losing ground slightly. But here, too, there are no new technical effects on the overall situation with the paper. This means that the last outlined technical chart scenarios for BioNTech shares remain largely unchanged. The chances for the vaccine value have not diminished due to yesterday’s share price on the NASDAQ, but to break through towards the all-time high, new bullish impulses are needed. Here are the most important details again:


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