Ben and Jerry’s comes with dog ice cream

The social ice cream brand is thus responding to the fast-growing market for snacks for animals in the United States. According to figures from Euromonitor, that market has increased by 44 percent since 2015 to 5.5 billion dollars (approximately € 4.5 billion). Further growth is expected for the coming year, as the number of pets in the US also continues to grow. More households are taking an animal into their home under the influence of corona. 84.9 million households now have at least one ‘pet’, reports Distrifood. Hanneke Faber, head of Unilever’s Food division, is also enthusiastic on Linkedin about the new introduction of Doggie Desserts for dogs from Ben & Jerry’s (see below).

Icy treats
When asked whether dogs can eat ice cream, the B&J marketers answer: ‘Normal ice cream no. And that’s exactly why we’ve churned Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts with very limited amounts of dairy so that your dog can enjoy them in complete safety. These icy treats for dogs are made with sunflower butter, which is dog safe and delicious for dogs. According to dog experts, most dogs can only tolerate dairy in very small amounts and can upset bellies if they have too much. It’s much safer to stick to dog-safe treats like Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts, because let’s face it, an upset stomach isn’t a treat! ‘ Other pressing consumer questions are answered here.
It is still unknown when the sub-brand will arrive in the Netherlands.

(PvWK, sources: Linkedin, Distrifood and MT)

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