Arrest warrant against Jan Marsalek – is about half a billion euros

When the Wirecard scandal was dealt with, new details became known: the media quoted from the arrest warrant against the wanted ex-board member Jan Marsalek. Among other things, it mentions 15 crimes in five years.

According to joint research by WDR, NDR, Süddeutscher Zeitung and the news magazine “Profil” from Austria, the former Wirecard manager Jan Marsalek and his accomplices embezzled a total of over half a billion euros. This emerges from the arrest warrant with which the 40-year-old has been wanted since October 2020.

Marsalek has been on the run since June 2020 and is wanted to be searched across Europe. According to the report, he has been charged with at least 15 crimes, some of which date back to 2015.

Accordingly, the Munich I public prosecutor’s office assumes at least five cases of particularly serious embezzlement. Marsalek is also said to have been involved in four cases of balance sheet falsification and stock market manipulation. There are also at least six cases of commercial gang fraud. In total, it is about 505 million euros.

Marsalek faces several prison terms of between five and ten years each. His lawyers have not yet commented on the allegations.

Marsalek is said to have worked with around ten Wirecard employees. With the help of loans for fictitious partner companies in Asia, they are said to have plundered the company’s coffers for years, faked sales and forged documents in order to cover up the theft.

Marsalek was the head of the gang. A finance manager from corporate headquarters, an I.T specialist and two Wirecard representatives in Asia and Dubai. The latter testifies as the only key witness in the proceedings against Marsalek. The investigators also assume several other accomplices in Asia who are said to have helped to pull up the bogus companies and apply for large loans.

Former CEO Markus Braun does not want to have known about the fraud. However, this is considered implausible. Braun is currently in custody.


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