Almost three out of four Germans sell discarded items on the Internet

D.o Most Germans now sell discarded things online: According to a survey, an average of 72 percent of German citizens offer used or new items online at least once a year, as the digital association Bitkom announced on Thursday. A good one in four (27 percent) even does this at least once a month.

Most online sellers (69 percent) are still trying to monetize clothing, shoes and accessories for adults via the Internet. 43 percent advertise children’s toys and 40 percent household items. One in three (32 percent) sells art or decorative items online. 30 percent have already got rid of electronic household appliances via the Internet and one in four (26 percent) have gotten rid of old music CDs or records.

According to a Bitkom survey, 23 percent have already sold smartphones or cell phones online, as well as old furniture. Broken televisions or washing machines can also bring money, as the association announced: 8 percent have already sold a defective device online.

In addition to platforms such as Ebay or Amazon, many sellers also use social networks. More than one in five respondents (22 percent) got rid of discarded items on Facebook Marketplace, for example. “The platforms and portals have now almost completely replaced the classic classifieds business in newspapers,” explained Bitkom. The association had 1002 people in Germany aged 16 and over interviewed.



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