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This is what Europeans spend their money on

Many people are surprisingly clueless about their personal finances. They know whether or not their monthly salary is sufficient for their lifestyle. But even the question of what maximum amount could be set aside each month is overwhelming and may stand in the way of a solid savings plan.

The Corona crisis has fundamentally changed the way people handle money in many households. It may have been a surprisingly long time since you last went to the ATM. On the other hand, a lot more money flows through online shopping in a comfortable home office cloakroom or finances fitness equipment for at home.

Private spending in Europe

How much the Covid-19 pandemic will change financial behavior cannot yet be said. However, the European statistical authority Eurostat has already taken stock and examined for 2019 what people in the EU spend the most money on.

By the way, private consumption expenditure in the 27 EU member states corresponded to 52.9 percent of the gross domestic product. The statisticians found the highest expenditure in relation to GDP in Greece (76.1 percent) and Croatia (73.0 percent). The Irish (28.2 percent) and Luxembourgers (32.9 percent) had to spend the smallest part on their private consumption.

This is the top 10 editions in Europe:


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