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Stadler does not want to have known about diesel fraud

Unfamiliar role: Former Audi boss Rupert Stadler sat on the podium more often at press meetings and general meetings to explain himself and his strategy. Now he is sitting in the dock and has to face the role of Audi in the diesel scandal of the parent company Volkswagen Photo: AFP / CHRISTOF STACHE

The former Audi boss has decidedly back the allegations and accuses the public prosecutor of being biased.

Munich – Rupert Stadler has a great need to communicate this Tuesday. The ex-Audi boss wants to go to the correctional facility (JVA) Stadelheim in Munich at 8 a.m. Audi’s complicity in the diesel scandal of the parent company VW has been negotiated there for three and a half months. Four defendants are on trial. Stadler is the most senior. The former top manager finally finds a side entrance to prepare his three-hour statement on this 20th day of negotiations. She will be free from any sense of guilt, but she will settle accounts with the public prosecutor, with the Audi technicians, whom he will brand as the real culprits of the diesel fraud scandal.


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