Plug Power share: the madness will end – only when?

The Plug Power share has been the darling of the stock market for days, weeks and months now, the usual stock market media are rolling over hype headlines and cutting one post after the other on the title. A classic hype that is being re-fueled again and again by some media in order to attract new investors and to take advantage of the attention from the grotesque price increase. What happened to the stock price leaves even bubbles like Tesla stock in the shadows. In March 2020, after the Corona crash, the Plug Power share was quoted at $ 2.53. The title hit $ 66.07 yesterday – no typo. And a week earlier, the paper was still available for $ 30.40. This is also not a typo.

Breaking flagpoles, someday. What the Plug Power share is currently conjuring up on NASDAQ is such a flagpole. The downside is that it is difficult to predict when these will break and investors have had enough of the short-term excessive greed for profits and move on to the next stock – whichever it will be. However, one can only warn: If the current price madness comes to an end for this stock, there can be serious losses. Incidentally, further profits are currently emerging for the Plug Power share in the US pre-exchange, the indication is 69 dollars.


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