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FintechMydealz founder: “Bitcoin is the tide that makes all boats swim”

Fabian Spielberger’s start-up employs more than 200 people. PR

Countless digital companies are currently pushing into the payment market: “Everyone wants to be the player for everything,” says fintech expert Fabian Spielberger. Many of them now offer digital wallets. Role models are the Chinese successes Aliypay and Wechat, with which, for example, you can pay, invest money or book a taxi. In Europe, he sees Apple and Google with their paid offerings as having the greatest chances of success in the long term – they would have to invest the least in marketing to win over customers.

Spielberger, who, with his company, is behind the large deal portal mydealz, among other things, also has an eye on the crypto market: The recent price increase in Bitcoin has also influenced the rest of the crypto scene. “Bitcoin is the tide that makes all boats swim,” he says. “Zombie projects” have also increased in price. But compared to the hype of 2017, there are more blockchain companies whose business model actually works.

In the podcast we talked about promising crypto projects from Berlin – and about his startup Shoop, which he has just sold.

In the FinanceFWD podcast, Spielberger talks about …

… the shoop exit
… the future of cashback programs
… the chances of success of the Cash App in Europe
… the competition among payment companies
… the current run on the crypto currencies

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