creditshelf: credit volume increases – “no significant credit defaults”

On Wednesday, creditshelf presented the first operational key data for 2020. The fintech company from Frankfurt am Main reports an increase in requested loans by 188 million euros to just under 1.53 billion euros. “With a balanced mix of new and existing customers, creditshelf increased the arranged credit volume in 2020 by 12 percent to 98.9 million euros”, the company continues. The average repayment period has decreased from 27.7 months to 26.8 months. A loan volume of 123 million euros is outstanding compared to 88 million euros at the end of 2019.

“The ongoing corona pandemic continues to pose major challenges for entrepreneurs. We did not have any significant loan defaults in the fourth quarter either, although the situation worsened again due to the renewed lockdown for the German economy. This resilience of our portfolio demonstrates the high quality of our sales model and our risk analysis. That is the prerequisite for the success of our institutional funding strategy ”, says Tim Thabe, Chief Executive Officer of creditshelf.


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