Condor files a complaint against Lufthansa

Zoff between airlines: Condor has lodged a complaint with the cartel office – against Lufthansa. Germany’s largest airline would abuse its market position.

In the fight with Lufthansa for future passengers, the vacation airline Condor turned on the Federal Cartel Office. A Condor spokeswoman in Frankfurt said on Monday that a complaint was lodged with the authorities.

In essence, it is about the fact that Lufthansa terminated the long-term flat-rate contract for feeder flights to Condor long-distance travel last November. This makes connecting connections with a change of airline more difficult to book and also more risky for passengers and organizers in the event of delays. The Lufthansa Group avowedly wants to get more involved in the business of long-haul tourist flights.

Condor: Lufthansa abuses market position

Condor, which was rescued with a KfW loan, accuses Lufthansa, which is also state-supported, of abusing its strong market position in Germany and Central Europe. “This step has become necessary because Lufthansa has continued a broadly based abuse strategy in which it exploits its monopoly position in domestic German traffic and its dominant position in European traffic,” the spokeswoman explained.

Lufthansa did not want to comment on the ongoing proceedings. First the “Handelsblatt” reported.

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