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Every weekend there is the new world of brokerage for many millions of Germans in bright colors. In the Borussia Mönchengladbach stadium, as well as on the players’ triktos, the Flatex logo can be seen in large. Formerly a small broker from the Bavarian province, the company currently has almost two billion market value on the scales. The price has climbed from a good 20 to almost 70 euros since March 2020, parallel to the rapidly growing number of customers.

The globally much larger broker Etoro advertises every match day on the advertising boards in the stadiums from Frankfurt to Berlin. Recently you could see the Etoro advertisement behind the goal because Union Berlin scored a goal against Bayern Munich at that very moment. The marketing department should have been pleased, but this is only a minor aspect. Etoro was able to win five million new customers in 2020 alone and the consequences for the evaluation of the Israeli company can be imagined. Another example is the Tradegate share, which is taking a lot of business away from Deutsche Börse among private investors and whose share has also tripled since March.

It seems almost too cheap that Wallstreet Online with its new offshoot Smartbroker only has a company value of just under EUR 250 million. Of course, this is four times the rating from March 2020, but Wallstreet Online plays very well in the broker’s concert.

And the new generation is likely to stay, as long as they approach the stock business with a smart head and don’t burn their fingers too quickly in hot stocks or with Bitcoin. In contrast to the New Economy bubble 20 years ago, young investors are driven by the certainty that positive interest rates only appear in the stories of their grandparents.

In addition, the environment used to be completely different: anyone who has been active on the stock exchange for a long time can still remember well. More than 20 years ago you sometimes had to go to the bank branch to buy shares. A good 20 years ago, the 1.FC Kaiserslautern was also the German soccer champion and promoted players were able to climb to the top of the league with honest soccer. Not everything was better in the past, but a lot was different. The jersey partner at Borussia Mönchengladbach in 2000 was Maxdada with the slogan E-Future Today.

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