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Long considered by traditional players as a vast scam, blockchain and cryptocurrency are for some the saviors of this society which is going to ruin. This awareness is also accelerating among traditional players who invest in it accordingly. Today we welcome one of these players: the BPI, represented by Ivan de Lastours, its blockchain pilot.

What is the role of the BPI?

The BPI, or Public Investment Bankt is a public bank created in 2013. It draws its funds from the French State and provides financing to various VSEs and SMEs of our country with grants and loans. Since BPI does not differentiate between sectors, the blockchain is also represented.

BPI and the blockchain

If the BPI has been put forward in 2019 with its investment in the company Acinq, working on the adoption of the Lightning Network, or more recently in Sorare, the fantasy football game that we no longer present, its involvement is older. From 2015, the BPI had indeed contributed to the financing of the company Ledger. To date, of the hundred billion dollars managed by the BPI, $ 18 million was used to finance a hundred blockchain companies.


While this amount may seem small, BPI is not limited to financing. A member of ADAN, she participates in discussions to bring back to regulatory bodies the importance of blockchain. The BPI is also itself aware of the power of the blockchain and is considering the best ways to use it to gain operational efficiency or give birth to new business models. Tokenization, DeFi, NFTs, so many new tools applicable to traditional financing. Ultimately, the BPI also considers that the economy will be tokenized, it is therefore likely to consider that the amount of investments allocated to the blockchain will be gradually increased.

Blockchain is becoming more professional

Just a few years ago, the banking industry was strongly opposed to blockchain and the lack of knowledge about it was glaring. The fact that the BPI is aware of NFTs and the recent DeFi and that they are considered for traditional financing, shows that we are in a new paradigm. A paradigm where members of public bodies are trained in blockchain and follow its news. This is the first step towards mass adoption, as well as better regulation of the sector.

A global movement is underway as confirmed by the various Central Bank Digital Currency projects (MDBC °). In this regard, what does the BPI think of the digital Yuan and the digital Euro? You will find out in the full interview with Ivan de Lastours! Do not hesitate to ring the subscription bell and watch our previous videos. Cryptocurrencies out.


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