100 million bottles of champagne remain unsold

With months of closure of the catering industry and no events such as weddings or large-scale New Year’s Eve celebrations, a lot of champagne will remain in the bottle this year. About 100 million bottles of the French sparkling wine remain unsold.

That reports Misset Horeca. The closure of restaurants and the ban on major events and parties in many countries following the corona pandemic has also caused champagne sales to collapse. Moët-Hennessy is still by far the largest champagne house in the world, with a turnover almost twice as high as the numbers two to ten combined, according to the latest international champagne statistics from MH. Vranken-Pommery, which is the second in turnover after Moët and with over 2,600 hectares of vineyards in area, the largest in Europe, previously announced that the sales of their champagne in the first half of 2020 fell by 23 percent.

Possibilities for a postponed party
In total, some 100 million bottles of champagne remain unsold. This offers perspective for the worldwide apres-lockdowns. Then the champagne houses could make hefty discounts to get rid of their stock and make everyone extra happy with attractively priced bubbles. This momentum is expected in the course of the spring. Buyers: get started!
(PvWK, sources: MH and AFP, photo: Dmitry Zvolskiy / Pexels)


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