Why too many insurances are often not worthwhile

Many families set up rescue packages that are too large for difficult times.
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Choosing the right scope and type of insurance is not an easy task. Supplementary pensions are not always necessary, and higher deductibles are worthwhile in health insurance, whereas daily allowances are less likely to be worthwhile.

I.I won’t tell you anything new when I report that I have a strained relationship with insurance companies. Of course, I am really at war with the desire of many people to want to protect themselves against all the adversities of this life. In my opinion, that is not possible. That is why I am starting the winter cleaning of the insurance companies announced last week with the request to arm yourself against dangers that can cost your head and neck, and with this risk prevention just not to save in the wrong place. What I mean by that, I will explain to you with the following example.

A lawyer and a dentist have a century under their belt. He is 51 years old, she is 49 years old, and the couple have three children aged 21, 19 and 17. In the previous years, the parents built up a fortune with persistence, hard work and skill, which consists of four major positions.


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