What is important when changing health insurance

Choice from more than 40 health insurances: health insurances hardly differ in the important services, but quite significantly in the costs.
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Every third statutory health insurance company increases its contributions – it became even easier to change at the beginning of the year. When making comparisons, however, one should not focus solely on percentages.

W.hat is already half a percent? These days, around eight million contributors who have received a letter from the Techniker Krankenkasse may have asked themselves that. Germany’s largest statutory health insurance company announced that it had to increase the additional contribution by 0.5 percentage points – to 1.2 percent. As small as these percentages are, the additional expenses can add up quickly. In the case of technicians, for example, this increase alone means that members have to pay up to 145 euros more per year, depending on the income level. Only the BKK Freudenberg and the BKK Verbundplus are even more expensive in Hesse, each with a surcharge of 0.6 percentage points.

Statutory insured persons in Hessen can choose from more than 40 health insurances if their current one seems too expensive. How many actually switch is a closely guarded secret of health insurers. Competition is expressly provided for by the legislator, since it would be in the interests of the insured if health insurers tried to outbid each other in terms of value for money. Especially when you realize how much you pay for your health insurance each year.


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