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of Jürgen Schmitt, Börsen-Spiegel Verlagsgesellschaft mbH

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Dear investors, is now stepping on the accelerator again. After the first aktienlust Live – The stock market show including the stock market game last week, Mick Knauff reports again from the Frankfurt stock exchange floor. Of course, we both go into the current stock market events and the most important dates of the week. As usual, there is also a look at the most important charts. The new trading year has started well. The so-called 5-day indicator signals another good year for the stock market. In fact, the stock market lights are still green, even if you have to take profit-taking into account. Now watch our new video on



Jürgen Schmitt

P.S .: The day after tomorrow, i.e. Thursday, the next issue of aktienlust LIVE – the stock market show instead of. Again with our stock market participants, of course Financial diva, BÖRSE ONLINE and Kolja Barghoorn such as Birgit Schrowange as a special guest. Do you fancy stocks? Sign up now!


Jürgen Schmitt (48) studied business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda and is co-founder of Börsen-Spiegel Verlagsgesellschaft mbH ( Here you can also register for his free daily newsletter BÖRSEN-SPIEGEL daily. With his research team, he has been looking after professional and private investors for many years. Jürgen Schmitt is a renowned financial expert, chief analyst of numerous stock market publications and initiator of the multi-asset fund MS Global One (

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