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sushiswap roadmap

Significant growth with 800 million SUSHI tokens coming out of nothing in less than a week, with suspicion of exit-scam: SushiSwap (SUSHI) will have marked the year 2020 with significant and worrying growth, the suspicious actions of its leader, and actions that would ultimately have mainly benefited Uniswap (UNI). SushiSwap is releasing its development roadmap for 2021 with a multitude of ambitious projects to be carried out over 12 months on the menu.


Cross-chain and v2

January 9, 2021, SushiSwap publish on Medium an ambitious roadmap for its development in 2021.

The key elements of these include the most complex and advanced features of DeFi: a cross-chain DEX built thanks to Rune and Moonbeam, an integration on the blockchain Polkadot (DOWRY) and fully decentralized governance for the end of 2021.

The article also provides an update on the progress of previous projects such as the launch of a v2 called Mirin and the launch in mid-January 2021 of a loan product called BentoBox.

Requalification, integrations, synchronization

The roadmap also suggests that a rebranding of Sushiwap would be possible. Given the diversity of the products under development, Sushiwap is preparing to deploy in many sectors and the name ofAutomated Market Maker (AMM) no longer seems appropriate.

Observers are watching the integration proposal with interest with Archer DAO. Archer collaborates with minors ofEthereum (ETH) to produce blocks more efficiently and, this integration will reduce the Miner extractable value (MEV).

Other integrations include support for algorithmic stablecoins like FRAX, DSD or BAO.

Regarding scalability, SushiSwap indicates that the protocol will synchronize with the ecosystem Yearn and the zero knowledge rollups will be the preferred solution.


In the hours following the publication of the post, the token Sushi was up 10% and was trading around $ 4.64.

DeFi begins the year 2021 with relative discretion. Cryptophiles have for the moment their eyes riveted on a Bitcoin (BTC) and an Ether which see their price explode, and on the legal woes of Ripple (XRP). DeFi is in a way entering a maturation phase: filling in security vulnerabilities, developing new features for major players, etc. Raoul Pal predicts a DeFi that will occupy an important place in the crypto ecosystem in 2021. The summer 2020 bubble created chills and ended up bursting after a sunny summer for DeFi: will the good weather actually return in 2021?


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