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Payment of November aid can start – criticism of delay

Novemberhilfe is aimed at companies and the self-employed who have been particularly hard hit by closings (symbol image). Photo: dpa / Robert Michael

Many companies are up to their necks in a crisis. The fact that the promised November aid was still not there in January caused harsh criticism. But now something should happen.

Berlin / Stuttgart – After delays, the payment of the regular November aid for companies in the Corona crisis can now start. The technical requirements for this are in place, as the Federal Ministry of Economics announced on Tuesday. This means that the federal states could start and implement the November aid payments immediately.

There had previously been delays due to the software for the application page. Advance payments have been flowing since the end of November, which is an advance on later payments. According to the ministry, more than 1.3 billion euros have been paid on account so far.

Grants of up to 75 percent of sales

Novemberhilfe is aimed at companies and the self-employed who have been particularly hard hit by closings. In principle, subsidies of up to 75 percent of sales are granted based on the same month of the previous year. The federal government provides the funds for aid. The federal states are responsible for processing applications, checking and paying out, this also applies to December aid. In the southwest, the money is paid out by the L-Bank. The federal government had taken over the programming of the central website for the application.

The Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BWIHK) reacted with great incomprehension to the recent delay in the start of payments. This waiting is “barely acceptable, especially with a view to companies that are economically massively affected by the corona lockdown – after all, this is about the funds from November”, said BWIHK President Wolfgang Grenke.

Companies needed promised funds immediately

Grenke emphasized that a number of companies needed the promised funds immediately in order to be able to keep themselves in the market. “Many companies, especially from medium-sized companies, will soon run out of the last remnants of their economic substance. This would be dramatic for the Baden-Württemberg location. ”The technical implementation for the aid programs is certainly demanding. “But in view of the sometimes dramatic losses in sales in numerous industries, after weeks of setbacks, at least the necessary conditions must finally be available.”

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