Moderna share: is the second attempt to turn the trend coming? – Chart analysis

The Moderna share fell on the NASDAQ on Friday by more than 2 percent to $ 112.75, while the share prices of Biontech (+7 percent) and Curevac (+6 percent) were clearly up. The day before, Moderna’s share price had bad news to cope with when the small but important buy signal at the daily high of December 30th at $ 118.94 could not be confirmed and the biotech share fell back below the breakout mark. After weaker trading on Friday, the current, still limited, US indications for Moderna shares are up at $ 113.80 on Monday.

In terms of the chart, the ultimately unsuccessful attempt to break out has so far not caused any major damage. We had already discussed such a possible development in the last 4investors chart check. “If the break at 123 dollars does not take place, the technical risks for the biotech share grow. First support zones are expected at $ 101.77 / $ 103.20 and $ 97.80 / 98.65. Above all, 93.30 / 95.21 dollars and 88.37 / 90.85 dollars could represent strong technical support for the Moderna share in the event of major price drops, ”it said. Ultimately, Moderna’s share price rebounded from $ 122.82 on Thursday.

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