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Warren Buffet hates him, while Jack Dorsey and Ricardo Salinas love him. Bitcoin (BTC) divides the greatest fortunes. Conservatives ” – to avoid saying “dinosaurs” – do not want to hear about it and when they do, it is only to say “courtesies” to BTC. Some millionaires and billionaires have realized the potential of Bitcoin, however.


Bitcoin addiction

The president of the conglomerate Grupo Salinas and 2nd fortune of Mexico, Ricardo Salinas, revealed in a December 26, 2020 interview to Cointelegraph that he had made his 1st purchase of Bitcoin in 2013.

Bitcoin was then only worth 200 USD and, Salinas considers this to be his best investment.

Salinas had finally liquidated all its positions in 2017 after retaining its Bitcoins for 4 years. He subsequently bought new BTC for a lower price.

10% of its portfolio would now be denominated in Bitcoin and, Salinas does not plan to sell its assets immediately. Its objective would be to keep its Bitcoins for a period of 5 to 10 years.

The natural enemy of fiats

Salinas was interested in Bitcoin as a new monetary instrument and medium of exchange.


He is now convinced of the potential of Bitcoin as a store of value.

This status is particularly interesting for the economies ofLatin America such as Venezuela, theArgentina where fiats currencies lose value with galloping inflation.

For Salinas, inflation clearly demonstrates the problems associated with fiats. The BTC It may just be a series of bytes and bytes, but it cannot be devalued and it is difficult to confiscate.

The BTC hit $ 42,000 on some exchanges. The market cap of Bitcoin surpassed that of Facebook.

Bitcoin Still has a ways to go before it surpasses the market cap of gold, but it has already acquired inflation hedge status in the eyes of a few institutional investors.


Some missed opportunities have a bitter taste that may take a long time to go. The luckiest or the wisest followed Satoshi Nakamoto’s movement very early on. The first salon miners to HODle their BTCs are millionaires. Bitcoin is enriching people who took the trouble early enough to take the time to understand its full power. Fortunately, The Coin Tribune is now making crypto watch easier to avoid missing the life-changing train.


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