‘Make a pick-up counter from entrance to shops’

Industry association INretail is calling for more customization during the new, third lockdown. For example, the club proposes to convert the entrances to shops into a counter, as is already the case with various catering formulas.

Industry association INretail is calling on the cabinet to offer stores more perspective, now that the current lockdown is on the way.

The association fears a “tsunami of bankruptcies” in the shopping street: “If the situation does not change, it will be a bloodbath.” A flash poll among 1,300 entrepreneurs shows that more than 60 percent will have to slim down their company this year. General director Jan Meerman Twinkle: “80 percent of participants in our industries are deeply concerned.”

Pick-up counter
The trade association calls on the cabinet to come up with a realistic compensation for the retail stock that has already been purchased. In addition, retailers should be given more options for takeout. “Just like the catering industry and hardware stores, shops must also be able to turn their entrance into a takeaway counter. That can be done safely. Delivery and collection are the only options during this lockdown. Then make that possible. “

INretail would therefore like to see the example of Germany and the rest of Europe followed. As of this week, collection in the store is also allowed at our eastern neighbors. “Copy that example and create a European approach,” the association concludes. “Now the store in the neighborhood is going bankrupt while that can be prevented.”
(source: JK / Twinkle and INretail, photo: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels)


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