Deutsche Post DHL raises forecasts

According to preliminary figures, Deutsche Post DHL closed 2020 with a 5 percent increase in sales to 66.8 billion euros. Before interest and taxes, a profit of 4.84 billion euros should have accrued. “This includes the already known negative special effects from the first 9 months in the amount of almost 600 million euros, while in the fourth quarter there were no special effects worth mentioning,” said the DAX-listed company from Bonn on Tuesday. The fourth quarter of 2020 will generate sales of 19.1 billion euros and an operating profit of 1.96 billion euros. Across the group, they report a free cash flow of 2.5 billion euros, of which 1.05 billion euros are attributable to the fourth quarter.

Deutsche Post DHL is increasing the forecast. “We expect that Group EBIT in 2021 will be higher than EBIT from 2020 adjusted for the above-mentioned special effects (5.4 billion euros); Furthermore, the group EBIT for 2022 is expected to be higher than that for 2021 ”, according to the postal and logistics group. The free cash flow for the years 2020 to 2022 is also expected to be more than 6 billion euros, higher than previously expected. So far, the Bonners had promised a sum between 5 billion euros and 6 billion euros.

Detailed forecasts for the years 2021 and 2023 are to be presented on March 9.

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