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RankingThe best German universities

Do university rankings have to look different in the future? The corona pandemic suddenly gave a boost to digital teaching. Not every university was prepared for that. It would therefore be obvious that rankings in the future would specifically take into account the scope and quality of online courses. In any case, the experts of the “Times Higher Education” rankings expect that the Covid-19 crisis could spur the academic rise of the People’s Republic.

The current “Times Higher Education” list of the best universities around the world still reflects the academic world before the height of the Corona crisis. The experts of the British weekly magazine last evaluated the quality of teaching between November 2019 and February 2020. 30 percent of this factor was included in the final grade. Research (volume, income, reputation) and its influence (measured by the number of citations) each accounted for 30 percent. The internationality of a university and its income were also taken into account.

Best universities

“Times Higher Education” said it examined more than 1,500 universities in 93 countries and regions for the 2021 ranking. The international top spot went to the University of Oxford for the fifth time in a row. With Tsinghua University, an Asian university was able to make it into the top 20 for the first time using the current methodology.

48 German universities were able to place themselves in the top 1000. According to the ranking, these are the best universities in Germany.


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