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With the Democrats winning the Georgia Senate runoff, Joe Biden’s climate action should be secured.

Now the new US President Joe Biden has the backing he needs to keep his climate protection promises from the election campaign. He plans to invest two trillion US dollars to drive the energy transition. Because CO2 neutrality is to be achieved by 2050. The use of fossil fuels should be reduced, wind and solar energy should be promoted, as should electromobility.

Back in 2011, when Barack Obama became President and the Democrats had control of the executive, a unique economic stimulus plan was put in place, which brought success to clean energy to light. Today, 15 states in the USA have already founded an initiative according to which public transport and heavy transport should do without fossil fuels. Precisely these are predestined areas of application for hydrogen vehicles.

The pioneering hydrogen technology needs platinum as an important raw material for the catalyst. Platinum and palladium are owned by Sibanye-Stillwater ( in the projects in the USA and South Africa.

Biden’s climate plans cost huge sums of money. The US is sitting on a huge mountain of debt, at the same time the central bank is printing fresh money, thus devaluing the money. As a result, gold is becoming more and more valuable because it cannot be increased so easily. In addition, there are the low interest rates that drive investors to gold. Thus the development can lead to even higher gold prices, which gold companies are happy about. Sibanye-Stillwater – – In addition to its platinum and palladium projects, it also has large gold projects.

Another well-positioned gold company is Bluestone Resources – – with its very high-grade Cerro Blanco gold project in Guatemala, which has so-called bonanza grades.

Current company information and press releases from Sibanye-Stillwater (- -) and Bluestone Resources (- -).

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