Epigenomics wants to reduce the pressure to act

Epigenomics is issuing a mandatory convertible bond. This has a volume of up to 5.5 million euros and can be converted into 5 million shares of Epigenomics. 500,000 bonds will be issued. The nominal amount and the issue price are EUR 11.00 per bond. The bonds do not bear interest; they run until February 29, 2024. At this point in time there is a conversion obligation for all bonds that have not yet been converted.

There is a conversion ratio of 1:10, the conversion price is 1.10 euros per share. Each bond can therefore be converted into 10 shares.

The mandatory convertible bond can be subscribed by the shareholders of Epigenomics. The subscription right runs from January 13th to January 27th. There is already an agreement with Deutsche Balaton, which is one of the shareholders of Epigenomics, that it undertakes to subscribe for paper with a volume of up to 4 million euros. Deutsche Balaton wants to use its own subscription rights and also subscribe to partial debentures that other shareholders do not subscribe to.


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