Center Parcs responds to the growing need for flexibility and holidays in its own country

For example, many Dutch people expect to go on holiday close by this year and are looking for more flexibility due to the uncertain situation. Center Parcs offers an environment that makes it possible to strengthen the connection with each other and to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So that guests can also look forward to a carefree holiday in the midst of nature at this time. The parks are close by, but you are still completely away. Center Parcs also offers maximum flexibility with the option of rescheduling your holiday without additional costs or, if the weather is possible, rebooking it to a stay in a park abroad. With the campaign, she wants to simultaneously respond to the great diversity of visitors and their diverse needs. She propagates this in a campaign that can be seen on TV and online in the Netherlands and Belgium from today.

In its campaign, Center Parcs explicitly connects its well-known credo “Really together” with the message “Close by, but still completely away”, says the travel & leisure brand. In this way they want to do even better justice to the diverse and changing wishes of guests. There is no other provider with such a diverse range as Center Parcs and visitors can look forward to a holiday that meets their needs all year round. At the same time, the booking behavior of Dutch people has changed significantly due to corona, according to the underlying insight. Many people are also opting for a holiday closer to home in the coming summer of 2021. Research conducted by Kantar on behalf of Center Parcs shows that more than half would prefer this in 2021. Not only because they consider a holiday in their own country safer, but also because the risk of cancellation is smaller. 39 percent also indicate that shorter travel times are decisive. Many Dutch people also find it difficult to book their holiday early and there is a shift to last minute reservations. They also want to spread the summer holidays better, for example by going on holiday earlier in the year or after the high season. The months of May, June and September are now more popular than usual. When the Dutch are asked what has the highest priority for them in their holiday, safety is at the top of the list for 33 percent, followed by price (29 percent), location (15 percent) and the holiday experience (12 percent).

Maximum flexibility when rebooking your holiday
Center Parcs wants to respond to the growing need for flexibility and offers guests the option of rebooking their stay for free if circumstances change in the meantime. There is also an extra possibility to rebook from one day before arrival in case of travel restrictions. In this way, Center Parcs guarantees that guests can look forward to a well-deserved holiday close to home without any worries. This offer is valid all year round. It also offers a discount of up to 36 percent for early bookings. ‘Enjoying nature with loved ones and a well-deserved holiday is more important than ever for many Dutch people. Yet many people find it difficult to book a summer vacation now and that is understandable. That is why Center Parcs offers flexible conditions. For example, our guests can change the date of their holiday free of charge or – by the time we can safely go abroad again – rebook their stay to a Belgian, German or French park of Center Parcs’, says Mark Giethoorn, director of Center Parcs Netherlands, ‘We hope that we can welcome our guests again in the coming year for a well-deserved holiday. They can enjoy a carefree time together in our spacious parks: in the middle of nature and with the experience they are used to from Center Parcs. ‘

Safety and health measures in the parks
In the parks of Center Parcs, the 1.5 meter distance and all RIVM measures are brought to the attention. Staff are trained to oversee guest safety. Guests can also make use of a 100 percent digital check-in and disinfection options at various locations. Furthermore, special walking routes have been installed. In order to demonstrate that all measures have been applied correctly in its parks, Center Parcs was the first in the Netherlands to have its parks independently tested by certification body Kiwa. More information can be found on a special page on the Center Parcs website.

Credits campaign “Close by and yet completely away”

Communication consultancy: Ogilvy Social.Lab

Production Company: Since ’88

PR agency: NewsLab

Media agency: Mindshare

About Center Parcs Europe
Center Parcs Europe – Europe’s largest holiday provider – is part of Pierre et Vacances Center Parcs Group. For more than 50 years, Center Parcs has been an expert in nature holidays, all year round. As the founder of the short holiday close to home, Center Parcs has set a new standard in the recreation sector, but also wants to continue to surprise its guests in the future. It does this by continuing to innovate and setting a new standard in the coming years: experience, stay and really get together. Center Parcs is characterized and distinguished by countless activities for every family member, in the middle of nature. More info: ‘

(source: Center Parcs)

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