BioNTech now plans to produce 2 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in 2021 – plans raised

BioNTech and partner Pfizer want to produce significantly more doses of their COVID-19 vaccine BNT162b2, which is now approved and in use in many countries and regions, in 2021. While more than one billion doses of the vaccine had been targeted for the year 2021, it is now 2 billion vaccine doses. This comes from a Presentation presented by the company today – BioNTech will be speaking at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 2021 this afternoon.

The increased capacities are due to several factors. On the one hand, the planning now takes into account the new FDA approval, according to which six doses can now be obtained from an ampoule previously intended for five vaccine doses. In addition, according to the Mainz-based company, capacities will be further expanded and production processes will be improved, which will lead to an increasing production volume. The company also wants to get other suppliers and contract manufacturers on board for the manufacture of the vaccine.

One of the key factors in the planned increase in production will also be BioNTech’s new production facility in Marburg, which Novartis has taken over. Production is being prepared at the location. BioNTech expects to be able to start production of the vaccine in Marburg at the end of February.

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With Hans-Werner Sinn, former President of the Ifo Institute.

With Hans-Werner Sinn, Former President of the Ifo Institute: Corona and the miraculous increase in money in Europe
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