Augsburg “Goldfinger” process over possible tax fraud closed

D.The Augsburg Regional Court has suspended criminal proceedings for alleged tax fraud in at least three-digit millions after more than a year of negotiations. As the court announced on Monday, the two defendants could at best be accused of minor guilt.

Since the two lawyers and tax advisors from Munich were even in custody, they can now claim compensation from the state. First, the “Augsburger Allgemeine” reported on the impending termination of the proceedings.

The criminal case concerned a controversial tax-saving model, which was named after the James Bond film “Goldfinger” and which tax fraudsters in front of the tax authorities expected poorly. It was about gold trading through foreign companies, which has long been considered one of the last major loopholes in income tax.

Court wanted earlier termination

In the summer of last year, the presiding judge, Johannes Ballis, had suggested an attitude against a monetary requirement. At that time, the prosecutors had spoken out against this step. Instead, they filed a petition for bias against Ballis, but it failed in court. The reason for the quarrel was, among other things, statements by the chairman, according to which he considers further processes in the complex to be a “waste of resources”.

With the “Goldfinger” tax-saving model, millionaires were able to significantly reduce their tax burden in Germany. All they had to do was report losses from trading gold and other valuables through foreign companies. The underlying legal loophole was closed in 2013. The Federal Fiscal Court had declared the model to be taxable in certain cases.


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