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Volatility is everywhere in the markets, the Bitcoin (BTC) price curve draws beautiful mountains with troughs and peaks. South Korean whales are putting pressure on the bulls. It goes up and it goes down!


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Bitcoin is volatile, not Schiff

Bitcoin dipped to the $ 39,000 level in the late evening yesterday, January 8, 2021, and in the morning of today, January 9, 2021. The BTC then rose above $ 41,350. The BTC is trading at $ 40,628 at the time of writing.

The markets are volatile, with a roller coaster indicating a succession of buying and selling pressures. Bears continue to block at the $ 42,000 level, while the bulls are a strong advocate for the $ 39,000.

While the market cap of Bitcoin is gradually approaching that of gold, Peter Schiff slightly changed his speech without modifying the fund.

Peter Schiff tweeted today where he said that although the price of Bitcoin or from less than $ 1 to $ 40,000, the disruption capacity of Bitcoin remains zero.

Neither governments nor central banks have lost their power, and this holds true regardless of the price of Bitcoin.

But – Of course – a gold of 10,000 USD would be enough to bring the fiats to the ground.

The heaviest of the 2?

According to analysts Whalemap, as long as the price of Bitcoin remains above $ 38,700, the bulls will be able to continue their run.

The whales are in the process of liquidating their Bitcoins on Korean exchanges. Several deposits of $ 100 million were made on Bithumb during the last 3 days.


These massive sales will have to be offset by the accumulations of Bitcoin, especially to United States, to allow a continuation of the bullish rally.

What tomorrow will be like for Bitcoin? Bitcoin smashing $ 42,000 and attacking $ 45,000, or BTC on its way to $ 30,000 and below? Peter Schiff continues to befriend Bitcoin – nothing new on this side. On the other hand, we feel a bit of concern at Mr. Golden about the possibility of Bitcoin exceeding gold. The battle of the whales is raging: the bears hope to finally take control, the bulls do not let go.


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