Aroundtown share: criticism of dividend prospects

There are new analyst voices on Aroundtown stock. The analysts at JP Morgan have confirmed their rating of the real estate stock as “neutral”, but they still expect the MDAX share to rise significantly. The price target is given as EUR 8, while Aroundtown’s share price ended XETRA trading on Friday at EUR 5.852 (-1.55 percent). In the estimates for Aroundtown, JP Morgan took into account, on the one hand, depreciation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and, on the other hand, possible property sales by the group. The company focuses primarily on commercial real estate, especially in the office sector, but also hotels.

Morgan Stanley is much more skeptical about the share price of Aroundtown. Although the analysts have raised their target price for the MDAX value as part of an industry study from EUR 5.00 to EUR 5.50, it is only enough to achieve an “underweight” for the stock. Morgan Stanley criticizes the poor prospects for dividend-increasing factors at Aroundtown. The company will pay a dividend of EUR 0.14 per Aroundtown share on January 15th.


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