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theta token price explodes

Theta (THETA) is on Coinbase’s list of contenders for listing. While waiting for its final admission, the price of the native token of the network explodes. A few days earlier, Theta had announced the launch of its mainnet 3.0 for 2021.


It even overtook Bitcoin

The network Theta is a protocol that allows users to view digital content, using the blockchain.

The value of the platform’s native token, THETA, rose 180%, from $ 0.867 to $ 1.92 in 2 weeks, beating the performance of Bitcoin (BTC).

Native tokens generally tend to increase in value after the publication of high profile ads.

In an article from December 11, 2020, Theta outlined its plans to introduce its mainnet 3.0 in spring 2021.

This upgrade allows you to record live video and view other platform videos.

Technology EdgeCast enables streaming and live streaming without a central server, through the P2P network of Theta, run by thousands of community members.

The mainnet includes 2 major new elements: theElite Edge Nodes and the TFuel burning.

One for governance, another for gas

The Elite Edge Nodes allow tokenize the bandwidth. By storing tokens Theta Fuel, users can get more through an uptime mining process.

The Tfuel had been distributed during an airdrop dedicated to token holders Theta in 2019.

Theta is the platform’s governance token and Theta Fuel is the gas token used for the payment of transaction fees.

The combination ofElite Edge Nodes and the burning mechanism of TFuel reinforces the positive feeling around the token Theta.


Other announcements also contributed to the increase in the price of Theta, including the addition of an extension Theta Wallet Chrome sure Google chrome, available since December 19, 2020.

HODler Bitcoin is good, but knowing how to find and trade other cryptos that outperform the oldest crypto over relatively short periods of time is better? Theta should benefit from the various innovations on its mainnet 3.0, as well as the explosion of streaming and all types of video content – a Theta that could overtake YouTube? Staking has benefited Ethereum (ETH) – despite the time that the actual deployment of ETH2 will still take. From staking combined to burning, THETA has everything it takes to heat up the markets.


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