TUI share: A few very interesting facts about the turbulent Friday

The capital increase at TUI and, above all, the discount on subscription rights for TUI shares yesterday caused turbulent trading in the Reise share and misled many investors. For many it was obvious: a massive price loss of more than 20 percent could be seen and even some stock market media had absolutely no idea what was going on on the Frankfurt stock market. There was actually no loss compared to the previous day at TUI’s share price.

On the contrary: if you add the arithmetical value of the subscription right that has been subtracted from the share price, the TUI share actually ended Friday trading in positive territory – even though it fell from almost 5 euros to 4.042 euros over the course of the day and 4.212 euros from the XETRA -Trade went. A look at the adjusted closing price on Thursday shows this: it was quoted at 5.442 euros, but when adjusted it is only 3.418 euros. The subscription right was, by the way, significantly more expensive than the initial subscription right discount on yesterday’s day, with rates of up to 2.97 euros. Most recently, the subscription rights were traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange at EUR 2.389.


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