These professions will be particularly popular in 2021

The corona pandemic has changed the world of work - these professions benefit from it
The corona pandemic has changed the world of work imago images / Westend61

The forecasts for economic development point to recovery. In view of the extended lockdown, many working people are still unsure of how things will go on in their jobs. Some industries have been hard hit by the pandemic, but others have benefited from it.

According to the portal, some professions have even been more popular than ever since the crisis. The reason for this finding is an evaluation of user search queries, the number of vacancies in selected job exchanges and information from customer and advisory meetings. Since the pandemic will still determine everyday social life in 2021, according to eight trend jobs can be determined:

These professions are particularly in demand in 2021

  • Merchant in e-commerce: Because of lockdowns and contact restrictions, many people moved their shopping online in 2020. The online trade therefore posted record sales. This boom is expected to continue in 2021 – and affect the demand for appropriate skilled workers.
  • Performance Marketing Manager: More and more companies are expanding their online presence. Especially social commerce, the sale of products via social media platforms, is in vogue. Performance marketing managers take care of the management of the ads. This job should also continue to be in demand this year.
  • Cloud Architect: Many people currently work from home. Networking and access to external servers works most efficiently with cloud technology. According to a study, 97 percent of all companies use not just one, but several cloud providers. Appropriate architects are required to manage the cloud structures. Here, too, new job opportunities should open up.
  • Game developer: While concerts or cinema visits are currently not possible, another part of the entertainment industry is benefiting worldwide: the video game industry. Sales are increasing and the industry is good at dealing with digital challenges. Even if the gaming industry in Germany is still small and medium-sized, German game developers are confident and see potential for newcomers.
  • Food technician: The food industry is benefiting from the ongoing trend towards conscious nutrition. Consumer demands are increasing and food has to be produced and processed. The demand for food technicians should therefore increase significantly in 2021.
  • Nursing specialist: The need for skilled nurses in Germany will not only increase due to demographic change. Because of the corona pandemic, more specialists are needed in this area. “Employees in urgently needed areas of specialization, such as geriatric or intensive care, could in future have more say in working hours and salary expectations,” is the prognosis of Philip Bierbach, managing director of Further research into the virus will also be more Laboratory assistants and virologists needed.

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