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With an estimated fortune of 188.5 billion dollars, Elon Musk is now a short head (barely 1.5 billion) ahead of Jeff Bezos, who for several years now contested for the world number one spot on the wealth ladder. A news which puts a new spotlight on a genius of entrepreneurship, South African of origin and installed in the USA since he left to study there before founding PayPal which he will sell to create the companies that make his fortune today: Tesla and Spacex. The opportunity for us at Thecointribune to be proud because the richest man in the world is like you, a fan of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies! Let’s take a closer look.


Very active on his Twitter account, Elon musk declared just a few weeks ago that the Bitcoin was his favorite word. In a rather humorous lurch, he amused himself by posting images featuring the Bitcoin acting as a peripatetician to a monk.

Far from being a joke this time around, it’s Musk’s interest in bitcoin and who else Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy having invested a whopping $ 1.3 billion in Bitcoin to speak with the man who inspired Iron man ? In a Twitter chat, Musk asked Saylor if transactions of such volume were possible on the Bitcoin network, to which the latter replied in the affirmative! So, it wouldn’t necessarily be a surprise to see Tesla invest part of its profits on the stock market in Bitcoin to diversify its risk against a dollar that looks weaker than ever, it could even turn out to be the one “ smart move ”for Elon Musk.

Twitter discussion between Mr Saylor and E.Musk about Bitcoin
Bitcoin and Tesla, towards a future marriage?

Bitcoin could therefore be Musk’s favorite crypto, unless it’s more about the Dogecoin. And yes, as surprising as it may sound, for years the boss of Tesla has liked to impersonate the CEO of Dogecoin, a very real cryptocurrency that is the standard bearer of somewhat wacky crypto projects.


A number of tweet E.Musk about Dogecoin
Dogecoin or Musk’s favorite crypto

And it must be said that the interventions of the now richest man in the world have a huge impact on the price of the DOGE crypto, in fact, with each tweet, the price can go as far as doubling. This is howThe course increased by 500% in 2020 ! How is it possible ? Once again on Twitter, Musk posted an image featuring shorts with SEXY inscriptions for the Tesla range initials preceded by the Dogecoin Logo. So when will Tesla come with a wallet filled with DOGE?

With the huge bullish rally in Bitcoin which day after day exceeds its “All Time High” we can say that the expression “To The Moon” is out of fashion, “So 2017” isn’t it? Well in 2021 it is time to see beyond the tip of your nose or rather the tip of your Moon! And if there is one who understood it once again before the others, it was Elon Musk. It is he who has been talking for years about going to colonize Mars. If his personal fortune is estimated in dollars, it certainly won’t be the case if he manages to reach the Red Planet. Indeed, responding to a Tweet from an AI researcher, he does not hesitate to answer “Yes” when the first explains that the economy on Mars will be based on crypto!


So, perhaps not all that surprising in the end that an entrepreneur and investor like Elon Musk is a fan of Bitcoin and cryptos. One thing is certain: he has his own way of communicating this, especially with boundless creativity when it comes to driving up the price of Dogecoin. In the end when you think about it, and if he was the key to the mystery Satoshi Nakamoto?


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